Collection: Matsuda

All MATSUDA glasses are carefully handcrafted in Japanese artisan workshops. Each pair of MATSUDA eyewear represents over 45 years of design history and heritage.  Only the finest materials are used to create a  MATSUDA piece: celluloid acetate, titanium, sterling silver, 18-karat solid gold and 22.5-karat gold plating.
 Ever since its founding in 1967 in Tokyo, MATSUDA has focused on integrating the traditions of craftsmanship with the inspirations from the world of art, architecture and fashion, to create luxury eyewear made to stand the test of time.  Each frame is handmade at the company’s laboratory in Sabae, Japan, using high-quality materials and following a production process that involves up to 250 phases.
 “I create clothes for dreamers who want to have a credible look”, –  Mitushiro Matsuda shared his vision when he first introduced his eyewear collection which literally dominated the luxury eyewear market.  His glasses combine  high-skilled craftsmanship and an extremely creative design, where oriental tradition meet contemporary trends.