About us

The History of the high-end eyewear store Astrologo Ottica goes back to the middle of the 20th century when professional dedication was considered top value among true experts. Decades have passed since then, the new generation has come to replace the old one, but the Astrologo store still remains true to its ideals. The basic concept of the store is formulated in the idea of helping people find their personal image identity that will reflect their inimitable inner world. The primary objective of our experts is to help our clients create their own unique style, and our highly skilled opticians are aware of how important the right choice of eyewear can be.

Decades of our work dedicated to the continuous search of perfection have yielded a good result: we have elaborated our own range of eyewear that includes only the best eyewear brands. All Astrologo glasses are made by hand using the most resistant top quality materials.

Our long-term commitment to quality, vast variety of  shapes, materials and styles - from classical elegant models to fanciful eclecticism - all this has helped Astrologo win customers loyalty around the world. We appreciate your trust and proudly dedicate our work to you.

Astrologo Ottica is a specialized center for Zeiss progressive lenses.