Collection: John Dalia

Founded in 2011, JOHN DALIA offers high-end eyewear that obeys the natural laws of luxury: precision, desirability and timelessness.  Indeed, JOHN DALIA operates in a world of ultimate luxury with timeless creations shaped by the people who wear them.  Unrivaled quality, exceptional materials and a love for simple beauty are the cornerstones of this family-run fashion house of Parisian eyewear makers.  JOHN DALIA standards, which require over 100 manufacturing steps followed by some of France's finest craftsmen, have now become the standards of the whole eyewear industry .

Self-taught Parisian designer JOHN DALIA dreamed of creating simple yet challenging fashion accessories, with high-end materials and unique craftsmanship.  That dream transformed into the eponymous brand JOHN DALIA in 2011. His collections are always refined with each creation conceived as a piece of fine jewelry, simple yet elegant, just like his hometown.  The brand quickly achieved critical and commercial success, up to gaining Carine Roitfeld's preference, and is distributed in the most renowned stores around the world.