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Dita Lancier



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LSA-415, a navigator-style raised sun visor frame. The LSA-415 features a sleek frame and temples made from high-quality, ultra-light nylon-based TR90 material, ensuring unparalleled comfort. The custom one-piece bridge and forehead insert detail add a touch of elegance to the design, while the sculpted, flexible temples provide a secure fit. LSA-415 features a customized anti-walking hinge pin with assisted open/close stop function, ensuring durability and ease of use. Embrace discreet security with the LSA-415 and elevate your mount experience to new levels.


Caliber 57 mm
Bridge 17 mm
Temple 144 mm

Frame materials

TR90 based on ultra-light nylon

Slow materials

Base 6 polarized and anti-reflective organic lenses

Further specifications

Polarized lenses specific for TERRAIN - DRIVING • RUNNING • CYCLING Contrasts reds, greens and yellows. Full polarization and high contrast ensure greater clarity, revealing vibrant colors and optimal visibility on land

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