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Dita Lancier



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LSA-710, a new sun frame that embodies the timeless elegance of the golden age of Hollywood. The slightly oversized frame is designed with a lightweight nylon-based TR90 material, offering style and comfort. The custom anti-walk zipper pin with assisted open/close stop feature ensures a secure fit, while sculpted flexible temples with square hole detail add a touch of retro charm. Inspired by the glamor and sophistication of the past, the LSA-710 offers an elegant and understated style, perfect for any occasion. Experience Hollywood luxury with the LSA-710.


Caliber 58 mm
Bridge 14 mm
Temple 144 mm

Frame materials

Lightweight nylon-based TR90

Slow materials

Base 6 polarized and anti-reflective organic lenses

Further specifications

Polarized lenses specifically for SAILING • FISHING • BEACH ACTIVITIES Contrast reds and skin tones with the blue backgrounds of the ocean and sky. Maximum polarization to reduce glare from ocean and aquatic environments.

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