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An iconic combination of American engineering and British power.

The North American Aviation P-51 Mustang was a truly exceptional fighter plane with incredible speed and maneuverability, making it more than a match for any piston-powered aircraft of the time. 

The Mustang’s design was sleek and aerodynamic, with curved lines and sharp corners that gave it a distinctly modern look. At Esmont, we drew inspiration from this design to create a light yet masculine frame that leaves a bold impression.


Caliber 57 mm
Bridge 19 mm
Width 150 mm
Rod 146 mm

Frame materials

Thick titanium rims designed to stand the test of time

Cured cellulose acetate ciliary for a bold look

Instantly recognizable engine-shaped ends

Flexible temple transitions designed to ensure maximum comfort for everyday use or when used with pilot headphones

Cured cellulose acetate extremity edge for greater comfort.

A custom-shaped nose pad with the Esmont logo and hairline engraving for long-lasting comfort

Slow materials

CR-39 with AR lenses with 6 layers of protective and anti-reflective coating
100% UV protection.

Further specifications

Limited Edition of 300 pieces
Handcrafted in Sabae, Japan

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