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Dita Lancier



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The DITA-Lancier collection combines lightweight, impact-resistant qualities of polycarbonate with optical clarity and scratch resistance nearly as good as glass. Each DITA-Lancier lens features specialized color enhancement designed for the trifecta of environments and can be adapted to most prescriptions. As a trusted partner in the highest level of eyewear manufacturing Dita-Lancier has unrivaled ambassadors such as Aston Martin, Red Bull Racing and Formula On


Caliber 57 mm
Bridge 20 mm
Temple 144 mm

Frame materials

Titanium and acetate

Slow materials

Anti-reflective polarized organic lenses

Further specifications

Polarized lenses specific for TERRAIN - DRIVING • RUNNING • CYCLING Contrasts reds, greens and yellows. Full polarization and high contrast ensure greater clarity, revealing vibrant colors and optimal visibility on land

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